• Susan Watling Dunoon, Argyll 08 Mar 2013
    Yesterday when on the net a screen came up headed United Kingdom Police and various badges telling me it had frozen my screen because of illegal downloads. It put up my IP address, my name and a live picture of me at the computer (from my webcam) All scary stuff. There is a Ucash and Payal number on it where you can pay 'the fine' and get the screen unblocked. Worse thing was the downwards were child porn and these came up on screen also. Horrible stuff with very young children-sickening. I phoned the police and was told it was a scam repeated and repeated again-a ransom virus and to phone my supplier. Waited an hour to speak to BT who could not understand what I was talking about:( Luckily today Chris Witmer came and sorted it out in minutes, I was not his first today. His last visit had been looking at travel companies when it happened so may have attached to them. Made me feel very paranoid. Somedays I do wonder if the net is more trouble than its worth - but I am very glad I know Chris