Custom Built PC Service

Tetrapod Technologies have been building custom desktop PC systems for over 10 years. Carefully negotiating the minefield of product incompatibilities for our customers, we've strived to deliver systems with the exact specification that you want.

At Tetrapod Technologies we keep up to date with the latest technology, what ever your requirements for a Desktop PC, we can custom build it for you, as well as deal with the installation at your home or business in the Dunoon and Argyll area.

So, if none of the prebuilt PC systems on the market fit your bill exactly, then why not design your own system? Let Tetrapod Technologies do all the hard work. Not only will we check for compatibility issues, assemble and configure your chosen hardware and install the latest drivers and operating system of your choice, we will also give it a thorough workout prior to delivery.

Whether for simple tasks such as the Internet and office applications or for more complex tasks such as video encoding and gaming.

We also build.

  •     Media Centres to fit in with your HI-FI equipment
  •     Discrete Tower and Desktop Systems
  •     Performance Tower Systems

Our custom build service is just that, custom to you the customer, contact us to discuss your exact requirements.