Proof Reading Service

Proofreading and copy-editing services for Businesses and Organisations or Individuals.

We will edit any kind of document: reports, bids, manuals, Help text, web pages or sales collateral.

Are you in need of a professional to proofread your online pages so the information you are displaying is correct and error-free?  We offer a professional online proofreading service by our team of highly experienced online editors.  Our knowledgeable website editors and proofreaders appreciate that every word on your website needs to be fully integrated into the site as a whole.  We understand the need for faultless integration for your site's visitors.

Do you have business documents that have to be proofread and edited?  We offer professional business proofreading and business editing  services for your press releases, training manuals, business reports, website content, legal documents and much more. A professional proofreading service with a rapid turnaround makes good business sense. Our business editors will help you develop the materials for your organisation, show you how to avoid mistakes and ensure that your business literature is perfect.

You know your business best: you know what you offer and who your customers are. You also know what you need to tell them about your products or services.  But do you know the best way to do this?

We can take your text and make sure it works as hard as possible to convey essential information to your clients or to other parts of your business. You can concentrate on what you know, leaving us to whip your draft into shape.

We are very thorough and offer an extremely high level of detail in our proofreading, down to suggesting punctuation and grammar changes, and leave no word unchecked. We also offer feedback on structure, coherency, formatting and referencing. We use track-changes and comments so that each suggested correction has to be approved by you before you submit your assignment.

We can ensure that your documents:

  • Are written with your readers in mind
  • Are structured efficiently so readers can find what they want easily
  • Communicate your key messages effectively
  • Look professional
  • Are free from grammar and spelling mistakes

Some of the main ways we will improve your document include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop the lexical (word) choice to communicate your message more effectively and with a greater impact on the reader.
  • Restructure syntax/sentence structure and paragraphing to improve clarity and flow
  • Smoothing our of grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes/omissions
  • Provide appropriate presentation and formatting (if requested)

By providing us with the text, you save time and money. We can polish your writing quickly and effectively, and to very tight deadlines. And it means you get the best of both worlds: your own expertise on the subject and our specialist knowledge on how to put your message across.

We can assist all types of document producers in all subjects and categories, from the largest publishing houses and corporate clients to academic university students/professors and manuscript writers.

Our professional online editors and proofreaders will revise your work to the point where it is error-free, clear and publishable - quickly, easily and confidentially.

Our rates start from £10/1000 words for documents less than 5000 words, and £8/1000 words for longer documents. We may charge extra for short-notice assignments, but generally have a quick turnaround for getting documents back to clients.

You can submit your document online with complete confidence, have it thoroughly proofread and edited by a professional editor, and quickly returned to you.

Contact if you have any queries, or would like a quote for a document.