Digital Photography Service

Tetrapod Technologies provides a wide variety of corporate photography services. Whether you need an advertising photographer or pictures for brochures and web sites, we ensure that you get what you really want.

Unlike some general purpose photographers, we don't cover weddings or portraits or video. We only do commercial photography work, so you get our best attention.

Photography can radically improve how well you communicate with your clients.  Never underestimate the value and impact of a high-quality static image on its viewer. When used as part of a recurring theme customers will gradually absorb the message behind the images and will leave with a much stronger perception of what that brand stands for.

We get great satisfaction when we can help a client create the image they want and ultimately help them communicate and "sell" their service, product, or message.  Our aim is to provide photography services that help you get your message across in the most direct, successful and cost effective way possible.

Remember - a good photograph will get your message across much quicker than the written word and visually support the message you are trying to communicate to your customers.

Have you ever got your photographs back from the printers and been disappointed with the results? They could be under exposed or over exposed, something needs removing or changing, or they just need improving.Do you have an old photograph that needs repairing and restoring to its original condition? Do you have old slides or negatives that you would like to have prints from?Do you want your photograph to be used to create a special effect?  Digital photograph restoration enables you to change your existing photographs to your requirements. Our service enables you to:   

Restore old photographs   Edit photographs
Retouch photographs   Restore and repair damaged photographs
Provide prints from old negatives or slides   Improve poor photographs
Remove or add items or people   Provide special effects
And more!    

We provide commercial photography services to the Dunoon and Argyll Peninsula.  If you would like to discuss how our services might help you build your brand and cost effectively market your product our service, please contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting to see what we can do for you.