Pricing Structure

PC / Laptop Repair Services

Our repair service for home/business repairs are charged by the hourly rate.  As most repairs do not take longer than one hour, a reduced fee is applied for any additional hours needed for repair.

First hour : £30 / Additional hourly rate : £20

Cost for any additional hardware or software needed is charged seperately.  (We will endevour to find the best value deal on any equipment/software at time of purchase.)  Please note there is an initial call out retainer fee for first time clients of £10.Additional cost will be incured if outside our coverage area, please contact us if this applies for quote.

VirusremovalsmallVirus Removal

We keep to date with the current virus threats, and endevour to provide to our clients the best means of defending against these attacks.  We will eliminate your virus / trojan / malware problems and if not protected, will provide protection for you.

1 Hour of virus removal : £30

CustombuildingsmallCustom Building

Due to the nature of custom building your equipment, we cannot supply a rateable charge. We use the best suppliers that provide the best value service for the equipment needed for your custom building requirements.

Please contact us for quote

Website Design & Maintenance

We charge a flat hourly rate for website design.  This is because of the tasks that would be need to be carried out for your website varies and cannot be quantified easily.  We provide a detailed break down of the tasks involved and the cost for each task.

Website design & maintenance hourly rate : £30 per hour

We will quote you a price for your website development or maintanence during our initial discussions about your requirements.  A fee of £30 will be required for your initial meeting, and should you choose to use us for your website needs, this will be deducted from your final bill.  Payment is made in three equal stages (initial contracting, preliminary finalisation of website, and final completion and signing off).

PhotographysmallDigital Photography

We have a professional photographer at our disposal that we arrange to take the digital photographs.  When you contact us with your requirements we do the arranging and management and charge a flat rate fee.

Digital Photography service : £40 per hour

CGI & Graphic Design

Due to the variety of CGI & Graphic Design options. we cannot provide set price for tasks. Therefor we have decided to charge a standard flat rate based on the hours taken to complete each task.

Flat hourly rate for CGI & Graphic Design : £30 per hour

ProofreadingsmallProof Reading

The pricing for proof reading is per thousand words checked.  When supplied with original content, we proof read the material, and send the finalised content back fully corrected within 24 hours of original receipt.

Price per 1000 words proof read : £10

One-On-One Tutoring

Our tutoring service is charged on a standard rate per hour per student.  We provide our tutoring in one hour blocks at a time.  You can request a time suitable to your requirements within our operating times.  Please contact us with any enquires that you may have.

1 hour lesson of One-On-One tutoring : £30